Costantino Delli

My journey began in Taranto, Italy, a beautiful and ancient southern city on the Ionian Coast. At the age of eight his parents decided to move his family to the United States for a better life and settled in Trenton NJ.










Growing up, I was inspired by my mom's infinite tenacity, passion and grace to always strive for a better life for her family while enduring hardships and domestic violence. 



Dedicated to my studies, I graduated with high honors from Rutgers University majoring in Mathematics, I embarked on ten year corporate career, graduating from an executive management program at Wells Fargo, then a staff scientist for Science Applications International Corp, moving to New York City for three years as a program manager building proprietary trading systems for Mike Bloomberg's financial company. 





Mike became my mentor and learned that all systems need to provide data fast, accurate and reliable and always making clients the number one priority. I was then hired by Deutsche Bank on Wall Street to support the fixed income trading desk with advanced system trading analytics.  






In 1997, I was inspired by the CEO of Wilco Systems in New York City to start my own company, COS® International, a management consulting practice engaged by leading global Fortune companies to manage complex and high profile initiatives that resulted in millions in cost savings, increase in productivity and sales. 





In 2003,  I was on a two year engagement with JP Morgan Chase in NYC at the time when JP Morgan merged with Bank One and Jamie Dimon became CEO. I was one of the consulting leads in a proposed seven billion dollar infrastructure outsourcing initiative that was reviewed with Jamie who decided that it would be more beneficial to keep the work internally. I met Jamie once at the decision meeting and learned the value of making difficult, unpopular but right decision for the company. 



In parallel, it was a privilege to have a special connection with Sherry Lansing during her final years at Paramount Pictures. She was an inspiration in how she always balanced wisdom and grace and I remain grateful in her recognition of my creative talents.




In 2007, I met Deepak Chopra at one of his retreats in Puerto Rico that led to supporting several of his humanitarian projects and inspired me to write my book, "The Way: Live Your Dream, It's Not A Secret". The first draft was written in three weeks and two weeks later the final edited version was ready and supported by Deepak and Julia Cameron. 






When I realized that securing a publisher would take a long time, I decided to publish it through my non profit foundation. I sent a copy to Leonard Riggio, CEO of Barnes & Noble, and six months later, The Way became available at his stores, Amazon and other outlets.
















I then embarked on a four week book tour at in NYC and LA areas. 

































My work has allowed me to travel in the US and International and my loyalty for hospitality has been with Marriott ever since I met Bill Marriott in 1995 and connected with his book, "The Spirit to Serve". Warm and gracious hospitality is part of my DNA and once I stayed at my first Ritz Carlton property in Cancun in 1996, I connected with its mystique and emotional intelligence for genuine hospitality. 






Over the years, I made many friends with the brand sharing my passion and providing constructive feedback about the service at their properties and I was honored to have been the only guest to be asked to speak about the Ritz Carlton in the CNBC's documentary, "Behind Closed Doors at Marriott". It was a wonderful memorable experience sitting down at LA Live for one hour with Scott Wapner sharing my experiences and loyalty with the brand. It was during this period that I was introduced to the beloved, Arne Sorenson, CEO of Marriott International.




Arne became my special friend connecting with his eye for efficiencies, humanity and passion for genuine hospitality. We kept in touch over the years, serving as the unofficial consultant providing an objective assessment of the level of service at the properties I visited, sharing passion for the Japanese culture, wishing birthday wishes and supporting each other during difficult times, the passing of my mom and his terrible illness. 


In January 2021, Arne sent his warmest condolences for the passing of my sweet mom and he said that it is the hardest thing for a child to bury their parent. One month later, on my birthday, Arne passes and I was in tears remembering his last words to me, knowing what his children are experiencing and I knew that we will always stay connected. When I visit properties today, I always experience it through Arne's eyes.



I have shared my expertise across many industries, leading companies, organizations and with people from all walks of life. 


I am passionate about business, personal and global transformation and know that if we can share, leverage and support our efforts, we can achieve more, become greater and inspire the rest to always find ways to make our world a better home for everyone.


Reach out to me if you have a project, goal or a dream that you want to make a reality.