Costantino Delli's Journey

Costantino Delli is a gracious management consultant and scientist passionate about business, personal and global transformation. 


Costantino graduated with honors from Rutgers University majoring in mathematics and completed an executive management program at Wachovia. He is fluent in Italian and Spanish.


He founded COS®International in 1997 after an accelerated, ten year corporate executive career, starting with Wells Fargo, Science Applications International Corp, Bloomberg Financial Markets and Deutsche Bank. 


Through his work, he has delivered Creative Optimum Solutions® for transforming and advancing Fortune 100 companies, small businesses and organizations. His innovative style, vision and creative flair has helped companies achieve greater efficiency with their operations, deliver a higher quality of products and services and increase market share thru sales, marketing and advertising programs.


In addition, Costantino brings “light” into a complex, disorganized or bottle-necked environments. He bonds quickly with people of different backgrounds, leverages their strengths and leads the organization to a vision that they may not have recognized or thought possible to achieve. 


Costantino is the author and publisher of “The Way: Live your dream, it’s not a secret!” comprised of inner and outer steps that inspires and empowers all to live their greatest life through their Creative Optimum Self®


He is the founder of COS® Foundation that supports children and adult programs to educate and guide all to incorporate these steps into their lives. 


Costantino knows that if we can share, leverage and support our efforts, we can achieve more, become greater and inspire the rest. And together, we can make our world a better place for all.